JonBenet Ramsey Case Re-Examined By CBS And Brings Back Memories For Carroll Resident

  Melanie Miller of Carroll was a 911 Supervisor in Boulder, Colo. when Patsy Ramsey made the initial call to authorities about the disappearance of JonBenet. Of all the cold cases in our country‚Äôs history, none has likely, stumped investigators nor created a media frenzy that still has tabloid journalists speculating more than the JonBenet

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Expert Opinions on Trayvon Martin

The Clemente Brothers have both worked as FBI Agents, Police investigators, and currently write and consult for television. They are truly a unique pair, but they remain clearly distinct from one-another in their social and political outlooks. From their take on Gen. Petraeus’ recent scandal to their explosive divergence of opinions on the Trayvon Martin

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Fascinating Case of Serial Killer

Criminal Minds writer-producer and retired FBI agent Jim Clemente discusses the Long Island Serial Killer, the particular facts about the case and what they tell investigators. Watch the full talk with Jim Clemente on serial killers and get more info here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1r0vi… https://www.facebook.com/MediaMayhem https://twitter.com/ahopeweiner http://thelip.tv/


The Truth Behind the Penn State Cover Up

Jim Clemente (retired FBI and current Criminal Minds writer/producer) goes in depth on the case of Jerry Sandusky and the extent of Joe Paterno’s involvement in any cover-up. Confirming guilt is very tricky in sex abuse cases, and Jim discusses the factors that enable some predators to abuse for years. GUEST BIO: Jim Clemente is

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